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Need an electrician to fix your power point? Having trouble in installing smoke alarms? Tired of waiting for the electrician to turn up? Let go all your electrical predicaments— you have reached the right place! Gloucester Electrical Contractors is an established electrical service provider catering to clients with a range of electrical installation and repair services throughout the Gloucestershire area. Providing customers with the most innovative and effective electrical services, we pride ourselves on honest and reliable solutions. With highly motivated staff, we have gained experience in all facets of trade including domestic, industrial and commercial sectors. Thanks to our conscientious and diligence; we have the reputation of being punctual and prompt and for treating each and every customer needs with greater care and attention to detail. We are team of Gloucestershire based electricians serving Gloucester, Cheltenham suburbs who are fully capable of completing all electrical installations and give importance to quality work. From complete property management, air conditioning, installing ceiling fans and safety switches, garden lighting to bay lighting and surge protection, we are capable of handling all genres of electrical work. With unlimited work scope, we undertake a vast array of repair and installation services at a very affordable rate. Here at Gloucester Electrical Services, we believe in a straight forward approach towards all our customers from the whole of Gloucester & the surrounding area . With qualified and dedicated electricians, you are sure to receive a courteous service devoid of any perfidious practices. Be it a simple installation of ceiling fans, smoke alarms or complete renovation and house rewiring, we make sure the work is finished promptly without any inconvenience to our clients. Imbibing avant-garde technology and equipment, our electrical services are unmatched and second to none.

Best Electricians in Gloucester
When it comes to dealing with anything electrical, then hiring a Gloucester professional electrician really is your best option. By doing so, you will be hiring somebody that is viewed by the industry as being an electrician that you will not only be able to trust, but who has met all of the regulations as laid out by the electrical regulations in order to be qualified as an electrician in the first place. By hiring an electrician that is qualified, you will instantly get that peace of mind that everything is going to be done to a high standard and that ultimately you know that everything will be made safe for you and your family. Getting our reputation has been the result of building experience and proving to people in the industry that we understand every aspect of our work and are capable of dealing with any issue that arises professionally and without being guilty of making any mistakes, but in order to stress why our reputation is so important it is worth looking at what it involves and why it should be a key part of your decision making process. First, having a good standing reputation within the Gloucester construction industry proves to you that we have actually learnt how to do the job with this involving having the correct qualifications and also having undertaken an apprenticeship that is approved by the industry. This in itself is a major reason why you should only ever consider hiring a qualified professional electrician as there is no way to confirm that the qualifications mentioned by a non professional electrician are actually real or not and electrical work is never anything that you should take a risk with. By having this unequivocal proof that we do indeed have the correct qualifications and experience, you know that we will be able to first of all diagnose the electrical problem and then carefully assess the work has to be done to rectify the problem and then do so safely. The sad fact is that hiring a non professional electrician may lead to you using the services of somebody that is no more than a glorified handyman and, therefore, the chances of the wrong diagnosis will increase leading to the potential of mistakes being made that could lead to serious consequences. Second, apart from the personal satisfaction that you know the work has been carried out professionally and to the highest and safest standards, it is also the case that your insurance company will only ever recommend that you hire a qualified electrician. By hiring anybody else, you run the real potential & serious risk of your insurance company refusing to pay out any money should something go wrong and you will be required to make a claim with this then leaving you out of pocket and with a bill to pay to a professional who can rectify the mistakes that were made by somebody else. Third, by hiring a Gloucester cheltenham & stroud professional electrician, you know that we work to local safety and building codes whereas the non professional electrician, or even trying to do it yourself, will be unaware of what is actually involved in this and it does then go back to the recurring point that has been made about your own safety. We always have to show that we understand these safety codes in order to work as it helps us to do the correct electrical repairs or installation work that will then fit local safety standards which are compulsory. This also ties in well with your insurance company as they will be satisfied that everything has been done correctly as they will see that there is now a lower chance of anything going wrong thanks simply to you hiring somebody that knows what they are doing. So if you have some electrical work to be carried out and you want to make sure that the work is done by a fully qualified professional, then simply phone us or fill in the email form with details of your project in order to talk to us. You can rest assured that the electrical job will be completed to your satisfaction and to the highest standards that you expect and thanks to you hiring a Gloucester electrician, you will know that we can be trusted at all times. Do not take a risk and try to carry out repairs or installations yourself or by hiring a non professional electrician as you are increasing the chances of either electrocution or a fire being started at some point in the future. Be sensible, hire the best and the safest electrician in the area.

Gloucester Electrical Services

Gloucester Electrical Contractors provides you with a wide spectrum of services that covers everything related to electrical services completely or even remotely. Our services include:-
Air conditioning
With our expertise and experience, we meet all your air conditioning requirements—be it at your home or business. From wall split systems for one room in your home to ducted air conditioning for the whole house, our electricians install air conditioners that allow you to cool the areas you want. Striving for professionalism, our technicians arrive on time and leave your property neat and clean.
Ceiling fans
Cool your summers with ceiling fans known for its low maintenance and cost effective features. By conserving energy by using only a maximum of 2% of the power used by air conditioners, ceiling fans are always easy on your pockets. Be it for your bedrooms or toilet and kitchen, we install ceiling, and wall and window exhaust fans with utmost precision and dedication.
Power points
Are all your electrical equipment cramped at one power point in your house? Are you forced to use extension leads all around your house? Insufficient power points mean a power board overload leading to constant power failures. Here at Gloucester Electrical Contractors, we fix distribution hitches by adding a new double or four way power point or even new circuit lines.
Our technicians install, test and maintain the telecommunication services in your home with dedication. We are trained for telephone pre-wiring, servicing, checking equipment for safety regulations, diagnosing and fixing simple problems in a jiffy. Gloucester and Cheltenham Electrical services is dedicated to provide unparalleled service to commercial and domestic customers.
Light installation is a skill and we have mastered it with experience. Be it chandeliers, LED lights, garden lights or security lights, we offer you one stop destination for all your lighting requirements. Providing the latest products and cutting edge technology, we transform your office or home into an energy conserving zone.
Garden lighting
From wall lights, posts lights, pillar lights to spike lights, step lights and sign lights, we install, repair and maintain all your garden lighting requirements thereby enhancing the beauty of your outdoor area.
Emergency lighting
Specializing in emergency lighting, we provide a wide variety of services that exceeds safety code standards. We imply emergency lighting services based on the type of facility, occupancy and hazard classification. Installing and repairing emergency lighting fixtures, replacing batteries, charger boards and transformers are some of our services.
Safety switches
Having troubles with safety switches at home? Are they tripping too often? Our professional electricians fix safety switches in your home that are mandatory for averting any electrical tragedy. Safety switches have a significant impact in reducing electrical fatalities and all residents are required to install them necessarily.
Smoke alarms
Did you know that the death from fire in a home is up to three times higher in homes without smoke alarms than with them? Gloucester & Cheltenham Electricians provides professional and effective smoke alarm installation to suit every need. We help you abide by the safety standards that insist in installing smoke alarms at the time of construction or installation.
Switchboard upgrades
Have you noticed the old fuses getting hot more often? Do you hear crackling sound from your switchboard? If yes, it is high time you need to change them with a new one. We are here to replace the old switchboard and fuses with high quality circuit breakers. Make your life safer and easier by calling our trained technicians.
Weatherproof sockets
Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stroud Electrician Company supplies and installs weatherproof sockets for outdoor power requirements. Protecting electrical connections from moisture and corrosive vapors, the weather proof sockets are highly resilient to harsh climate and rain.
Bathroom Appliances
Fan, light and heating appliances are the most prevailing bathroom fittings as they are an excellent feature for your bathroom. Light is provided through a central light fitting, heat through heat lamps and steam extraction through a ducted fan. Our skilled electricians install and repair any kind of bathroom appliance for your bathroom.
Home renovation is not complete without electrical renovations. With years of experience and expertise in additions, alterations and extensions, we strive to provide you with quality workmanship. Whether it is the cable, power points, lights, switches or fan, we bring in the best product for renovation and provide a certificate of electrical compliance. We also undertake new build electrical solutions at your beck and call. Gloucester Electrical Company are also pioneers in domestic property management and data services related to the electrical field.
Bay lighting
Be it super efficient, high output high bay lighting or wet location or HID high bays, we are here to install and repair all kinds. For industrial applications, fluorescent high bay lights exude maximum efficiency, colour rendering and long life. Best used in gymnasiums, warehouses, factories and studios, bay lighting endures great luminescent features.
Electrical Testing
Be it commercial or industrial, all electrical equipment needs to be inspected, tested and tagged on a regular basis. Our experienced and competent electricians carry out tagging and testing efficiently. All our test and tag services comply with industrial standards completely. Any equipment that compromises in quality is immediately detected and withdrawn.
Electrical Surge Protection
Power, voice and data moving through the network that comes in terms with grid irregularities and dangerous electrical disturbances are defended using surge protection devices. We install the devices thereby reducing downtime, saving human labour & time and extending equipment life.

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