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Lights Flickering in Your Gloucester Cheltenham Stroud Home?

Lights Flicker in the House?

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Is your house lighting up like a rock show? If you’re experiencing lights flickering in the house you’re not at a Bon Jovi concert you may have an electrical issue that needs attending to. Flickering lights in the house usually indicates Arcing which is when area connections complete electrical currents. Basically it’s like lighting, Arcing uses floating electrons to pull power from and it creates a large amount of heat which can cause a nasty fire. If your experiencing a section or your home or the whole house is doing this you need to turn off the lights and call an electrician right away. It’s important to understand that this is the leading cause of house fires and it needs professional attention. If you experiencing flickering in only one light it’s most likely the light bulb it’s self, check it out by making sure it’s screwed on all the way or the element isn’t loose. Remember arcing only happens if multiple lights are flickering.